Informal Meetings

Informal Meetings

The Informal Protest Process

During the informal process, property owners who have protested their market value have the opportunity to receive a settlement offer from the appraisal district. When a property owner files their protest, they can submit evidence to the appraisal district that shows why they believe their market value should be lowered. 

Property owners may submit their protest and evidence through by mail (PO Box 351 Breckenridge, Tx 76424), email at or by hand delivery to the designated dropbox in front of our office (201 S Rose).

Property owners who file protests will also have the opportunity to discuss their evidence with a SCAD appraiser. Informal meetings will be offered from April to June. There will only be one informal meeting with a SCAD appraiser per property.

Property owners who discuss their evidence with a SCAD appraiser should expect to receive a settlement offer within 10 business days. Property owners will be given several options on how to respond to their settlement offer, including by email, by mail, or by phone. This timeline is subject to change as needed.

If a property owner does not accept a settlement offer from the appraisal district during the informal process, they will be given the opportunity to be heard by the Stephens County Appraisal Review Board (ARB).

Evidence Request (HB 201) 

  • You may ask for a copy of the data, schedules, formulas, and any other information that the appraisal district plans to introduce at the hearing. The appraisal district must deliver this information during the 14 days before the protest hearing. However, you must submit request in writing to the CAD or fill out a HB 201 request. (see forms)

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